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This research report aims at sharing the findings that emerged from a qualitative research study by a student-teacher, under the supervision of two practicing teacher-researchers. The study focused on the impact of teacher-student relationships in English as a foreign language learning according to the collective perceptions of a group of university students. The data generation process employed was comprised of semi-structured interviews, as well as the concurrent analysis of the data, based on aspects of grounded theory. The results of this inquiry revealed that university students’ sense of well-being, attitudes, and willingness to learn are improved when teachers demonstrate empathy, interest in student development, and respect.EFL learning


EFL learning emotions empathy interest respect

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Chowdhury , N. Z., & Shahed, F. H. (2021). Impact of Teachers’ Empathy Towards Adult Learners’ Struggles in Acquiring EFL. Celebes Journal of Language Studies, 1(1), 31-40. Retrieved from