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Journal of Training, Education, Science and Technology, with registered numbers ISSN 3031-4127 (Online), is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and viewpoints on Education, Science, and Technology. JTEST is published by Har Press Indonesia publisher under the auspices of YAYASAN STUDI PINISI MANDIRI  (Decree of Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights: No. AHU-0010669.AH.01.04. Tahun 2019). JTEST provides significant contributions and presents sharing knowledge from all over the world. This includes substantial research projects located in schools, higher education institutions, and non-government organizations.

Volume 1, Number 1, December 2023

Published: Dec 4, 2023

Integrating Technology into Classroom Training

New Approaches in Educational Pedagogy

1-6 Tariq Al-Sindi, Halim Dwi Putra, Saiful Ghozi
Read Statistic: 70

Bridging the Gap

Effective Training Methods for Enhancing STEM Skills in Higher Education

7-12 Afzal Sayed Munna, Dodi Ilham, Kemal Sandi
Read Statistic: 62

The Role of Virtual Reality in Science and Technology Education

A New Paradigm for Interactive Learning

13-18 Imron Rizki Azis, Giuseppe Cantafio
Read Statistic: 76

Assessing the impact of online training platforms on continuing education in science and technology fields

19-24 Ayu Sulasari, Darwish Khan Tahiry, Indra Dharma Wijaya
Read Statistic: 62

The Evolution of Science Education

Trends and Challenges in the 21st Century

25-30 Nuraeni Nuraeni, Dewi Walahe
Read Statistic: 68
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