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The influence of online training platforms on continuing education in the fields of science and technology in Indonesia. The rapid evolution of the digital landscape and the increasing demand for up-to-date skills in these sectors serve as the backdrop for this study. The primary objective is to evaluate how these online platforms facilitate skill development and knowledge acquisition among professionals in Indonesia, focusing on accessibility, content relevance, and the effectiveness of online learning methodologies. Utilizing a qualitative research approach, the study employs in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and content analysis of various online training platforms. This method enables a comprehensive understanding of the user experience and the platforms' educational impact. The findings reveal a significant positive impact, highlighting that these platforms offer flexible, diverse, and up-to-date learning opportunities. They are particularly beneficial for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise amidst busy schedules and geographical constraints. The study also identifies areas for improvement, such as the need for more localized content and enhanced interactive features. Overall, the research underscores the vital role of online training platforms in supporting continuing education and professional development in science and technology sectors within Indonesia.


Online Training Education Science and Technology

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