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DOI: https://doi.org/10.51629/ijeamal.v3i2

Published: Sep 17, 2022

School Heads’ Post Observation Practices in Tanzania

Feedback Implications for Teachers

41-54 Linus Chaula, Godlove Lawrent, Iramba Freddie Warioba Iramba
Read Statistic: 477

Skip or captain?

The changing perception of school management and leadership in Germany

55-66 Britta Klopsch, Johannes Gutbrod
Read Statistic: 82

Pre-Primary Education Provision in Zanzibar:

Educational Stakeholders Perceptions on the Provision of Pre-Primary Education

67-82 Ali Chai Ali , Ignasia Renatus Mligo , Florentina Shaghembe Nsolezi
Read Statistic: 92

The Mediating Effect of Leader Accountability on the Relationship between Transcendental Leadership of School Heads and Teacher Self-Efficacy

83-104 Cindy Gonzalez, Ester Jean U. Pelayo
Read Statistic: 162

Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Instructional Delivery Modalities, and the Role of School Leaders: A Study among Selected Private Schools in the UAE

105-122 Ahmad Yahya , Solomon Arulraj David
Read Statistic: 98

The Effect of Authentic Leadership and Job Insecurity on Turnover Intention:

A Quantitative Study of Indonesian Public Service Organizations

123-134 Novina Sabila Zahra, Afzal Sayed Munna, Abdul Kadir, Denok Sunarsi, Sri Rochani Mulyani, Aryanti Ratnawati, Julizar Idris, Duratul Ain Tholibon
Read Statistic: 381